Yemen: Saudi air strike kills 60

Hodeidah, October 30.

An air raid by the Saudi-led coalition killed at least 60 people in Yemen, most of them inmates of a prison near the city of Hodeidah on October 30, TeleSUR English said that day.

The prison was struck three times on October 30 by coalition fighter jets in the latest attack on civilian facilities, including hospitals, by Saudi Arabia and its allies over the past year-and-a-half.

A Reuters witness at the security complex said the building was destroyed and medics pulled about 17 bodies away, many of them missing limbs. Others remained trapped under the rubble.

The air attack was one of the deadliest among thousands of bombings. The attacks have largely failed to dislodge the rebels from the capital Sanaa, but have repeatedly hit schools, markets, hospitals and homes, killing many civilians.

The coalition attacking Yemen, which includes 12 regional allies supported logistically by the United States, has attacked two Doctors Without Borders facilities in Yemen as well.