Workers occupy factory in Dandenong

Manifesto for a fair Australia by striking workers. Photo: NUW.

The workers of International Flavours & Fragrances began occupying their building on January 27 as part of an ongoing strike.

The Dandenong Leader reported workers "were locked out today after negotiations for a new workplace agreement stalled. About 60 workers were stranded by indefinite lockout by management early this morning. Negotiations have been ongoing since June, after contention arose over management’s proposal of a 55 cent an hour wage increase if workers forfeited one of their two paid ten minute breaks.

“Last week, workers, unhappy with the deal, put in notice of a paperwork ban, and in response management locked them out of the building. A National Union of Workers message about their plight went viral under the hashtag #OccupyDandenong, and about 25 workers occupied the tea room of the factory in protest."

For updates, follow the dispute on Twitter. You can send the occuyping workers a message of support and solidarity here

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