Who said what?


A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

Jailed Pussy Riot Member Maria Alyokhina Hospitalised After Hunger Strike http://bit.ly/19kvC8a

Domestic abuser Chris Brown Potentially Facing 4 Years Jail Following Fender Bender http://bit.ly/150DfOa

New Report To US Congress Suggests IP Thieves Be Legally Targeted By Malware http://bit.ly/10B14bA

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Allow Music To Be Used In New $6 Million SA Tourism Campaign http://bit.ly/1139vfP

Paul McCartney Supports Pussy Riot, Sends Russian Officials Handwritten Letter http://bit.ly/Z2fi7S

Chinese Activist Ai Weiwei Releases Heavy Metal Single 'Dumbass' http://bit.ly/12Y06Iu

Slayer Gives Fans Advice To "Really Piss Off" Westboro Baptist Church - "Totally Ignore Them" http://bit.ly/ZezOEp

Tony said no, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. So what would a privatised Triple J look like anyway? http://bit.ly/10OhtfM

Amanda Bynes Not Sexually Assaulted by Police, NYPD Says http://eonli.ne/ZqXyWc

Happy Memorial Day: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian and More Thank Military Members http://eonli.ne/1arSgcz

Amanda Bynes Slams Rihanna on Twitter: "Chris Brown Beat You Because You're Not Pretty Enough" http://eonli.ne/1anwG98

Portrait of Angelina Jolie topless after her mastectomy is up for auction. http://eonli.ne/19b419h

Beyonce Fan Cops A Feel Onstage In Denmark Amid Stalker Dramas In UK (video below) http://bit.ly/116OPUj

Jessica Simpson Puts Beverly Hills Home on the Market for Close to $8 Million—Take a Peek Inside http://eonli.ne/ZhwQPB

The Annandale Hotel has been saved, with confirmation from Leichhardt Council that live music will continue! http://bit.ly/Zd2DiD

Amanda Bynes Arrested After Allegedly Throwing a Bong Out Her Apartment Window http://eonli.ne/ZhtjAT

How much for a trip to space with Leonardo DiCaprio? Just a quick $1.5 million. http://eonli.ne/130HJSY

"Queen Elizabeth II riding the public bus is adorable. Can she get any cuter in that pink little hat?!" says E Online. http://eonli.ne/1983N2E

Amanda Seyfried on her losing her "beautiful huge breasts" trying to fit the Hollywood mould: http://eonli.ne/12yazK8

"Carmen Electra is heating up the Middle East with this sexy black bikini in Dubai!" http://eonli.ne/12Zux0X

Helen Mirren grants a dying boy's royal wish. http://eonli.ne/197xLnG

Khloé Kardashian Odom Defends Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Body Against Critics: "She's So Beautiful" http://eonli.ne/1aaQM6a

The PTC is slamming MTV for showing Ke$ha drinking her own pee: http://eonli.ne/195oH2D

Kate Middleton Slammed as "Bland," Princess Diana Called Epitome of "Female Narcissism" in New Book. http://eonli.ne/195lCj9

Funnyman David Cross Wears His Own Fur in Never Nude PETA Ad http://eonli.ne/ZeMhba

Janet Jackson Officially Hits Billionaire Status http://eonli.ne/1a8EdZg

Ashley Tisdale has been granted a temporary restraining order. http://eonli.ne/12X1PxD

Tiger Woods is calling Sergio Garcia out for his racist joke about fried chicken: http://su.pr/9S14up

Beyonce, Oprah, & Angelina Jolie all made Forbes Most Powerful Women list...but none of them nabbed the #1 spot! http://eonli.ne/194w9uK

Gay Scout Ban: Dr Phil Joins GLAAD in Calling for End to "Discriminating" Policy http://eonli.ne/ZdefEi

Tax minimisers Bono and Richard Branson Join Matt Damon's Toilet Strike for poor people without clean water —Watch the cringe-worthy video http://eonli.ne/Zd3l1n

Paraguay slum dwellers start orchestra with instruments made out of garbage (video below).