Who said what?


A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

US singer Steve Earle says coal seam gas is not 'natural gas'. http://bit.ly/10X3RdX

Rekindle The Spirit - Ken Loach’s newest film documents the greatest cultural shift in British working class... http://tmblr.co/Z0MsOtk4xVyx

Rapper Seth Sentry Saves Paralympian Fan From Angry Mob http://bit.ly/18JUWUE

Community Radio "May Be Forced To Shut Down” After Being Ignored In Federal Budget http://bit.ly/18JS7TA

Puddle Of Mudd Singer Wes Scantlin Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges http://bit.ly/10N8ZXU

Police Targeting Daft Punk Fans This Weekend http://bit.ly/10U6rkZ

Singer Delta Goodrem Labelled Racist For Laughing At Seal Imitator In Blackface http://bit.ly/17o5UAd

R'N'B singer Usher Being Sued By Overworked and Underpaid Former Nanny http://bit.ly/YGzLic

Black Flag Reformation FLAG Perform 'My War' At Their First Show http://bit.ly/12qD8L0

Heavy Metal Degree Causes Controversy In Britain http://bit.ly/122MGKp

Angel Haze And Iggy Azalea Call For Peace Among Female Rappers http://bit.ly/13lfgtk

New Poll Shows Americans Agree On Nothing Except Dislike Of Justin Bieber http://bit.ly/11WSuVy

Rapper Lupe Fiasco's management takes control of his Twitter feed (below) following Marxist theory debate http://bit.ly/19puUDM

Snoop Sheds Light On His Pimping Days, Reminds Us Pimps Are Scumbags http://bit.ly/15QZmdD

As I Lay Dying Frontman Bailed After Not-Guilty Plea As Domestic Concerns Emerge http://bit.ly/10exyev

YouTube sensation Psy Thanks Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong For Calling Him "The Herpes Of Music" http://bit.ly/YHjfAR

Signed Metallica Bass Guitar Involved In Jakarta Government Corruption Investigation http://bit.ly/16WItxD

Spotify Exploit Allows MP3 Downloads Of Any Song Via Chrome Extension http://bit.ly/16WEAsL

Actor Jon Voight: "My Daughter Angelina Jolie Is an Inspiration" for having a double mastectomy. http://eonli.ne/YU8GdS

Actor Jamie Lee Curtis Praises "Heroine" Angelina Jolie for Double Mastectomy Decision http://eonli.ne/YUaWBO

Billionaire tax minimiser Richard Branson gets in drag for "charity". http://eonli.ne/YThrF9

Royal warmongers donate $150k to help wounded soldiers http://eonli.ne/YTiaWA

Leonardo DiCaprio Charity Auction Raises $38 Million for Environmental Causes http://eonli.ne/YT7p6P

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Among VIPs at Obama Event in New York City http://eonli.ne/YSnBVN

Warmonger Prince Harry pays his respects to fallen US soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. http://eonli.ne/11qcJQL

Singer Ricky Martin urges the Puerto Rico govt to grant equal rights to the LGBT community: http://eonli.ne/18yQ5po

David Bowie's Controversial "Next Day" Music Video "Mistakenly" Removed by YouTube http://eonli.ne/YHCoCA

Madonna Sells French Painting for $7.2 Million, Will Give Proceeds to Charity http://eonli.ne/10pVqZs

Ja Rule Released From Prison Early, Tax-Evasion Edition http://eonli.ne/10nZVUt

Angelina Jolie stands strong with these stars who've also gotten double mastectomies. http://eonli.ne/18IP2TR

Primal Scream are back hollering for the left. Hear their new album here. http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/54033

Bowie's Latest Video (below) Offends Catholics & Confuses YouTube, While Anglicans Stay Well Out Of It http://bit.ly/11p945L