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New pamphlet by Marta Harnecker

Veteran Venezuelan-based left intellectual Marta Harnecker has released a new pamphlet called Instruments For Doing Politics. It is looks at what forms of political organisation (“instruments”) are required for let and popular sectors. See it at here

The legacy of Salvador Allende

Forty years on from the brutal US-backed coup that overthrew Chile's elected left-wing government of President Salvador Allende, three articles at look at the legacy and lessons of Allende's governments, its achievements and errors. Jorge Magasich's Allende's foreign policy a forerunner for today's Latin America looks at how Allende's approach to international relations compares with the new push for regional integration. Rolando Vergara and Miguel Sanchez's Allende and 21st century socialism and Roger Burbach's The legacy of Chilean socialism and Salvador Allende looks at the lessons of the Allende experience and its influence on new left governemnts pushing “21st century socialism”.