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Philippines: the contradictions of Duterte's regime

The Rodrigo Duterte government is right now the most popular government in three decades, Party of the labouring Masses (PLM) leader Sonny Melencio notes, But the class character of the Duterte regime remains unchanged — it is still a government of the elite as against the exploited and oppressed.

Profile of the early communist women's movement

Among supporters of women's rights today, the Communist Women's Movement (CWM) of the 1920s remains virtually unknown, Mike Taber and John Riddell note. Yet it is a legitimate precursor of the modern women's liberation movement and bears serious study by supporters of revolutionary socialism.

Poland between social nationalism and the new left

In ultra conservative Poland something is happening on the Left, with the birth of Razëm – which means Together – a new party that with over 4 percent of the vote has gained full rights of participation in the political and national media debate.

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