Vuvuzela launches Bris BDS campaign


On July 17, 25 members of Justice for Palestine (JFP) Brisbane met in the CBD to launch their boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli goods and services.

The target for the first BDS action was the Israeli Seacret cosmetics company that uses “mineral-rich mud and natural mineral salts of the Dead Sea”. It makes no mention of the occupied Palestinian land from which the minerals are extracted or the apartheid conditions under which Palestinians live every day.

Seacret operates stalls in many big shopping centres in Brisbane, including the Myer Centre in the Queen Street Mall.

The action took the form of a “flash mob”. On the vuvuzela signal, activists threw off their jumpers to reveal green T-shirts reading “Free Palestine” and converged on the Seacret stall.

They chanted “Free, free Palestine – Boycott Israel”. A two-story banner was dropped inside the Myer Centre. The Seacret stall shut down for the day.

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