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Widely respected Indigenous activist Sam Watson is contesting the Queensland state election on September 9 for the Socialist Alliance, standing against Premier Peter Beattie in the seat of Brisbane Central. Following are some of the statements of support received for the campaign.

Lee Anne Nangala Daylight-Lacey

The National Indigenous Human Rights Congress, Australia supports Socialist Alliance activist, Sam Watson. Human rights and social justice must be addressed in this country ... There has not been human rights and justice in this country since the invasion of British colonialism. 1946 Treaty of Versaille and the Atlantic charter invalidates colonial rule. This current government is operating illegally. We need a legal representative by the peoples for the peoples.

Tristan Peach

I support Sam's campaign because of his commitment to stopping war, because of his commitment to the Murri people and because of his commitment to social justice, and putting the interests of people over profit.

Anthony Plakias

Yes, with all my heart and soul, I support Sam Watson — we need a change and now is the time. It's for humanity and to build a better Queensland without the propaganda and lies that the Libs and Labor party manufacture. I believe in the Socialist Alliance for providing a better alternative. I will be joining the Alliance shortly.

Karen Fletcher, former coordinator of Prisoners Legal Service (Qld)

Sam Watson should have been elected to parliament years ago! He is already a true tribune of the people ... and especially the Murri people. To see Sam stand head to head with Beattie (again!) makes me proud to be his comrade. Go Sam!

Jakalene Extreme, Indigenous political rap artist, Sydney

I would like to offer my strong support to Socialist Alliance candidate Sam Watson in his campaign for a more socially just society. I find his political ethos to be ethical, and his personal attributes of dignity, honesty and his personal sense of humanity imperative in making a positive difference in this bureaucratic world.

Humphrey McQueen, writer and historian

Sam has the experience and skills to draw Beattie's strategy away from spin doctoring towards the issues that concern all Queenslanders, indeed all Australians. Sam has my heartfelt support.

Amelia Taylor, United Casual Workers Alliance

Sam has always been an inspiration to so many people, myself included ... I hope that this campaign can ... help to bring about some real changes in both perceptions and in the everyday situations of Indigenous peoples, workers, students and all of those who have just had enough of racism, government lies and the corporatisation of state health and welfare services. I hope that you will be able to get Peter Beattie in a sweat come election night!

Ted Reithmuller

It would be an honour if you put my name down as someone who supports Sam unreservedly. Every time I've heard him speak he has impressed me with his logic and good sense. The best way to support him is to emulate his clear sightedness, his commitment, his humanity and his passion.

Karen Thorp

I'm for Sam Watson because he does what he does for all the right reasons ... He has integrity and is respectful of everyone and where we are coming from, i.e. he is inclusive. Sam is a strong courageous voice for all of us, not just his own people. As a result he has great leadership qualities without making a big song and dance about it, or wanting big pats on the back, fame or fortune. In a nutshell, he talks the talk and walks the walk, all seemingly effortlessly. I respect him so much. Finally, and importantly, we Queenslanders deserve a representative like Sam Watson. I've had it with the major parties and I'm not alone.

Natalie Alberts

Uncle Sam has continually displayed his genuine interest and support for his people and for all humanity. Sam lives and breathes with the people, and knows the struggles, past and present. Sam has the ability to represent the people, all peoples, with the combination of his life experiences, education, longstanding community leadership. He has proven ability to communicate and relate to peoples of all backgrounds in a fair and just way. Uncle Sam walks the talk!

Peter Boyle, national secretary, Democratic Socialist Perspective

Sam Watson is a living example of resistance to injustice and oppression in this Lucky-for-some Country. His activism and leadership inspire others to join in the struggle for a better world for all. It is an honour to have Sam as a comrade in the Socialist Alliance. All power to the campaign!

Lisa Macdonald, national coordinator, Socialist Alliance

I am especially proud to be a part of the Socialist Alliance when Sam Watson is on the campaign trail. His courage and commitment to fight, on every front and against every injustice created by this rotten capitalist system, is an inspiration and an example to me, and many others. With "working-class heroes" like Sam, I am confident that we will one day create a just, peaceful and sustainable society. Give Beattie hell, Sam!

Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter, Green Left Weekly bureau in Caracas, Venezuela

We strongly endorse Sam Watson's campaign for the Socialist Alliance for the seat of Brisbane. We believe Sam can effectively challenge Premier Peter Beattie over the issue of black deaths in custody, the stolen wages and many other issues of Aboriginal rights. In addition, Sam, as a long-time socialist, can put forward the demands that the community and working people in Queensland urgently need addressed.

As a former candidate for the Socialist Alliance in the seat of Brisbane against Premier Beattie, Coral particularly urges support for Sam from all those who want to see social justice and radical change in our country.

Greetings from revolutionary Venezuela, Venceremos!

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