Vigil commemorates Chavez's death


About 30 people gathered in the Latin American Plaza, near Sydney’s Central Station on March 5 for a vigil to mark the second anniversary of the death of Venezuelan revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez. The vigil was organised by the Bolivarian Circle, supported by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN).

Venezuelan ambassador to Australia Nelson Davila said: "Today we meet to commemorate the great heroes of the Venezuelan struggle for independence and freedom, Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez. In the 19th century, Simon Bolivar fought against the Spanish empire.

"Recently, President Chanvez fought against the US empire, for socialism of the 21st century. Now Venezuela is the victim of an economic and political war by the US and local elites, to attempt to bring down the Bolivarian Revolution

"With the help of international solidarity, Venezuela will win. Chavez lives! The struggle continues! Venceremos!"

Several other speakers praised the life and work of Hugo Chavez, and stressed that his legacy of leadership of a popular revolution will live on, in Venezuela, in Latin America, and worldwide.

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