VIDEO: Can the #Occupy movement grow in Australia? (with GLW editor Simon Butler)


I agree with the analysis. Although, I don't think we need to prove that economic conditions are similar to the US, or are approaching that, etc. The aspect of alienation from the political process can be almost as motivating for Australians as economic questions for North Americans. Perhaps this should more be our focus here in Australia - i.e. for genuine democracy. What worries me more is the fact that the last Occupy Sydney general meeting (at UTS) did not move to re-establish an occupation, which seems to be a tacit recognition that as soon as we start a new occupation, the cops will shut it down. What do you think? (I wasn't at the UTS meeting, so I'm not sure...), but this unique movement, where the tactic = the politics to a large degree means you can't have an Occupy movement without an actual occupation. Owen
What is great about the occupy movement is that it not only brings together people from different backgrounds, but it shows that the lines that previously divided people are now blurred. At occupy you are likely to meet someone wearing vegan shoes, who has a firm grasp on economic policy, and understands the societal impacts of greedy practices perpetuated by some global corporations. The point is, that the occupiers recognize the fact that these issues all intertwine to fuel the problems in our world. This helps keep the focus on ending the problem, rather then nitpicking at the symptoms. As long as people are passionate about creating change, I would imagine the occupy movement will continue to inspire people all over the world.

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