US bombs targeted


US bombs targeted
at Korea

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — 1>North Korean Workers' Party representative Kim Yong Sun, visiting Australia at the invitation of the Socialist Party of Australia, told a meeting on November 7 that the Australian government should call for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from South Korea before supporting US President George Bush's campaign against North Korea's nuclear program.0>

Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans, in an unofficial meeting with Kim Yong Sun, had complained that North Korea had not agreed to international inspection of its nuclear facilities. Kim told Evans that North Korea was the only country in the world under direct nuclear threat, with 1000 nuclear warheads targeted at the people of that country.

Kim told the meeting that North Korea was not isolated economically, because it had a wide range of trading partners. The United States was trying to isolate North Korea, he said, and complaints about North Korea's nuclear program were simply a pretext.

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