Johnny Walker, one of the Birmingham Six, is on a tour of Australia sponsored by the Australian Irish Congress. The six, all Irish, were released earlier this year after 16 years in prison, having been framed for two pub bombings in Birmingham in
Unemployed squat in Health Department house By Steve Hall CANBERRA — The Unemployed Workers Union squatted in a house belonging to the ACT Department of Health after discovering that the property, usually reserved for its secretary, had been
By Peter Annear and Sally Low in Wroclaw and Warsaw A failure to resolve, or even to seriously address, underlying factors in Poland's political, social and economic crisis was the foremost outcome of the country's "first free elections" since
Public transport should be public People with disabilities are again protesting at the continuing failure of government to acknowledge the needs of people with disabilities in planning for public transport. Citizens for Accessible Public Transport
forever young em = By Phil McManus each day we move toward our death, each night the darkness closes in, we grow a little older and death's domain is extended. death cannot touch the staff at McDonald's. they age like clothing models in
By Roberto Jorquera BRISBANE — T2>he first Green Left Weekly forum here drew 65 people to discuss the topic "After the Soviet coup, which way forward for the left?". The speakers at the November 6 forum included representatives from the New Left
The fight to save Springbrook By Peter Farrell Springbrook, population about 600, altitude 950 metres, rainfall three metres per year, bordering NSW, is a 45-minute, 40 km drive from the heart of the Gold Coast, up a winding, steep and narrow
US bombs targeted at Korea By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — 1>North Korean Workers' Party representative Kim Yong Sun, visiting Australia at the invitation of the Socialist Party of Australia, told a meeting on November 7 that the Australian
Malaysian-Korean logging threat to Guyana The Guyanese government has just leased more than 1.65 million hectares of forest to a foreign consortium. The logging operation seriously threatens the livelihoods of local communities and the ecology of
By Peter Wills and Eve Sinton AUCKLAND — In response to the US announcement that it will remove all of its nuclear weapons from naval vessels except strategic submarines, the New Zealand government is reconsidering its ban on nuclear-powered


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