United States: Sanders calls for 'political revolution' ahead of Iowa vote

Iowa rallies for Sanders (left) and Clinton (right). Photo: US Uncut.

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a “political revolution” while Hillary Clinton emphasised pragmatism and experience in the final town hall meeting before the February 1 Iowa caucuses, .

The Iowa vote is the first contest on the road to the White House. Polls show the two leading candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination are locked in a statistical dead heat in Iowa.

In the meeting, Sanders noted the consistency of his progressive record, from opposing the Keystone Pipeline to the Iraq War and supporting stricter regulation of Wall Street.

Media ignores mass marches for Sanders

In the first-ever nationwide march for a presidential candidate, thousands of people in at least 35 cities took to the streets in the “March for Bernie”, .

Despite the marches going viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, national corporate-owned media outlets have, so far, remained silent about the historic turnout — including in many cities that are in the midst of a blizzard. Sanders congratulated his supporters for the historic turnout in a live-streamed address on Saturday evening.

The mass march, just a week before the Iowa caucuses, was primarily publicised on social media. Participants in multiple cities posted videos on Twitter of large crowds amassing in high-visibility public places.

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