Truth is a crime in an empire of lies: defend Wikileaks

Open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
cc Julian Assange, Wikileaks

Anti-war activists salute Wikileaks’ courage and determination in exposing the lies about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ruthlessness with which the biggest imperial power — the US — seeks to maintain its global dominance.

We believe that Julian Assange and his colleagues’ unremitting efforts in shedding light on the truth about these wars provides vital and valid documents for anti-war and human rights activists in Australia and across the globe in the struggle against unjust wars and occupations.

We strongly condemn your threats against Wikileaks.

The fact that you and your US counterparts are so infuriated by Wikileaks that you want it shut down and are trying to criminalise Julian Assange shows just how powerful the truth is.

Julian Assange has reminded the world about the power of the corporate media, the lack of government accountability and the injustice of the wars you and others are waging.

Wikileaks should be congratulated for its service to humanity and for reminding us who the real criminals are.

Troops out of Afghanistan! Justice for Palestine! Hands off Yemen and Iran!

[Please circulate this sign-on letter initiated by Sydney Stop the War Coalition.
To sign on, email ]

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