Pilger backs Wikileaks protests

December 8, 2010
Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger.
Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger is actively supporting the international campaign in defence of Wikileaks and

Statement released by organisers of the Sydney rally to defend Wikileaks on December 10, 1pm at Sydney Town Hall. For more information, visit Really4Wikileaks (archived by Internet Archive 28/12/2010) or email rally4wikileaks.info@gmail.com. Upcoming national rallies.

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John Pilger backs Wikileaks rally

Renowned independent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has offered his support for the protest organised by supporters of Wikileaks on Friday, December 10 at 1pm at Sydney Town Hall.

Greens Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon and NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge are the latest confirmed speakers to address the protest. Shoebridge is also the lead candidate on the NSW Greens Upper House ticket for the 2011 state elections.

In a message to rally organisers, John Pilger said: “The defence of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is one of the most important issues of my lifetime. There are now two superpowers in the world — the military power of Washington and the power of public opinion and justice, which Wikileaks represents.

“If the Australian prime minister doesn't understand this, we Australians need to remind her that she may head a mercenary government but we are not a mercenary people.

“Those of us in London who are working to free Julian, knowing that the Swedish prosecution is a political stunt that would never produce a fair trial, will be at his side, and we call on the support of every decent Australian.”

The rally will protest the backlash, persecution and threats Wikileaks is facing for its release of more than 250,000 secret US government cables.

The protest will also call for the release of imprisoned Wikileaks editor-in-chief and award-winning Australian journalist, Julian Assange.

The rally will also be addressed by independent journalist Antony Loewenstein, author of The Blogging Revolution about the struggle for internet freedom worldwide.

Simon Frew of the Pirate Party Australia, Green Left Weekly co-editor Simon Butler, and the Wikileaks Central editor will also speak.


We need revolutions, heroes. It's been far too long. We had no revolution that has true justice and fairness for all as its goal. We have the nasty, greedy, unscrupulous lot at the top who mastered the greatest fraud and hypocrisy the world has seen. It is THEM who now manufacture the 'truth' and sell it through their media or power they have in controlling the media. We have universities that cut funds to science research whilst at the same time increase funds to celebrate two Christmases a year without any consideration to the actual meaning of Christmas; they cut down jobs of decent people who had the guts to speak up and do the right thing; they give jobs to overseas people or locals with mediocre IQ and 'high likability' meaning to people who rarely know much but regularly apologise for other people's mistakes which is how they earn their keep; and we have universities that bring overseas students who barely understand let alone speak English just to have the money rolling in. No one speaks about the real truth and that is that these students come here not to study but to stay and get PR. Our universities, and especially one of them in East Melbourne known for high Asian quota, go out of their way to employ them as casuals and tip them how to get various visas whilst waiting for PR whilst overlooking local kids, all for the sake of saving a $ and getting a 'likeable' or super-obedient and indebted staff member - one they can order around. We have academics pushed to the side and undervalued to the point of proclaimed insane and blacklisted just because they speak up. The truth HAS and MUST come out. So, we must support Wikileaks and people who expose the wrongs and the criminal practice that is sold to the public as 'democracy', 'fight against terrorism', or workplace fairness. We MUST expose the truth.

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