Trading in death and destruction


Trading in death and destruction

"Australians Trading in Death and Destruction" is the slogan used by the Renegade Activists in their campaign against the military equipment exhibition AIDEX 91. This arms bazaar is to be held in Canberra in November and is the deserving target of a growing campaign.

A new book with that title lists more than 250 companies involved in the arms industry in Australia, including household names like Westinghouse, Union Carbide, General Electric and others, like Agordia and Logistics, which are much more obscure. Government departments involved in the arms game are also detailed.

The book contains facts which will be useful when you get into heated debate about the need for a military component in the Australian export drive. It also has a complete list of organisations and activists involved in the anti-AIDEX movement.

Copies and further information can be obtained by ringing (02) 281 5391 or 281 5100.

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