Would only get in the way "We have deliberately chosen not to be too specific about policies." — Gilbert Myles and Hamish MacIntyre, the MPs who recently quit the NZ National Party, launching their new Liberal Party. Ireland? "No number of
A million miles from commerce A million miles from commerce By Monesque BRISBANE — From out of the bush, or probably more accurately, out from the alternative set of Brisbane and neighbouring regions from Maleny to Nimbin, come two
High tech lays Kevin low Because of a printer cartridge with a mind of its own, Kevin Healy was unable to send The Week That Was this week. The weekly Week That Was will return next week (technology permitting).
By Roderic Pitty Soviet Foreign Policy Today: Gorbachev and the new political thinking By Robert F. Miller Allen & Unwin. 1991. 210 pp. $24.95 (hc), $17.95 (pb) Reviewed by Roderic Pitty This is a superficial book by one of the many
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Until a few years ago, you could still read about it in the Soviet press: families in the USSR received small but comfortable state or municipal apartments on an egalitarian basis for some of the lowest rents in the
By Michael Läwy It is not always easy to fit the Vatican into the international political map: allied with Reagan in the fight against Sandinista Nicaragua, it condemned Bush's Gulf War; defender of human rights against dictatorships, it is
By Prakash Karat The closure of the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) head office and most of its branches worldwide was sparked off by a Bank of England announcement that it had uncovered large-scale fraud and embezzlement of
Australian nukes? Two Australian companies are listed in "The Directory of Australian Industry Defence Capability DRB 29", 1990, as being involved in the manufacture of nuclear ordnance. In the Directory's Section 3 — Products, the Extrusion
Men protest against rape By Jason Cheng Photo by Kate Butler MELBOURNE — A rally and march against sexual assaults against women was held here on August 31. Organised as part of a national day of action by Men Against Sexual Assault (MASA),
By Debra Wirth The Modern Girls are Strong Diary, 1992 (with Hermoine the Modern Girl) By Kaz Cooke Allen & Unwin. $19.95 Reviewed by Debra Wirth Do you get to January or February (even March) of a new year, then go frantically searching


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