Australian nukes? Two Australian companies are listed in "The Directory of Australian Industry Defence Capability DRB 29", 1990, as being involved in the manufacture of nuclear ordnance. In the Directory's Section 3 — Products, the Extrusion
Men protest against rape By Jason Cheng Photo by Kate Butler MELBOURNE — A rally and march against sexual assaults against women was held here on August 31. Organised as part of a national day of action by Men Against Sexual Assault (MASA),
By Prakash Karat The closure of the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) head office and most of its branches worldwide was sparked off by a Bank of England announcement that it had uncovered large-scale fraud and embezzlement of
By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — Wollongong Out of Workers Union (WOWU) convener Nick Southall believes that after 10 years of consistently high unemployment, a renewed spirit of anger is emerging in the community. WOWU was formed in 1982, when
Funny work from feminists Melbourne can enjoy an exhibition by feminist cartoonists until September 22. The "Out of Line" exhibitors include Hermoine the Modern Girl's creator Kaz Cooke, and others. (Why not mention them all? Jane Carafella, Trudy
By Debra Wirth The Modern Girls are Strong Diary, 1992 (with Hermoine the Modern Girl) By Kaz Cooke Allen & Unwin. $19.95 Reviewed by Debra Wirth Do you get to January or February (even March) of a new year, then go frantically searching
Forced labour While people are being transmigrated to East Timor, several hundred young East Timorese workers have been brought to Java with promises of training and good jobs, but found themselves working in factories under appalling conditions.
Reward for murder By Robert Graham A talk given earlier this year by Noam Chomsky explains how the US government was able to feign outrage at the murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador in November 1989, while continuing to fund the
Political, not 'Jewish' In the article "Australian Jews and the Middle East: The Suppressed Debate" (September 4) I am alleged to have described a political viewpoint as "un-Jewish". This is not an opinion I hold and at no time did I make such a
By Norm Dixon Many South Africans are convinced that the massacre of 23 Inkatha supporters on September 8 was carried out by covert elements of the South African Defence Forces. They believe the aim was to reignite violence within the black


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