Tigrean community campaigns against genocide

Photo: Alex Salmon

The Tigrean community held a car cavalcade through the city streets on April 23 to protest the war on the north-eastern Ethiopian province by the Ethiopian army, Eritrean and United Arab Emirates and Amahara militias.

The war started in November and has already led to 50,000 civilians being slaughtered, 100 women being raped, more than 1 million people internally displaced and 65,000 having to seek refuge in neighbouring Sudan.

Ethiopia’s unelected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, whose tenure expired last October, declared a military offense on the Tigray region located in northern Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian National Defence Force, Eritrean Army and Regional forces from surrounding states were mobilised to the Tigray region under what was described as a “law and order operation”.

The day the war was declared, a state-wide communication and electricity blackout was imposed, leaving more than 6 million people in the dark and no means of communicating to the outside world.

On May 8, the community is organising a free exhibition — “The Hidden Genocide” — at Perth Town Hall in Hay Street.

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