Three plays by Brecht


Three plays by Brecht

By Alex Cooper

MELBOURNE — Over next weekend, the Collingwood Town Hall will be the venue for three Brecht plays performed by the Great Chorus Company.

The plays are He who says yes, He who says no and The exception and the rule. The first two plays tell the story of a child who falls ill crossing the mountains with four other people while trying to find medicine for his mother. The party then has to decide whether to go on or return without the medicine. The third play is set in the wilderness with three men racing across the desert. This play deals with what happens when self-interest becomes a way of life.

All three plays will be on at the Collingwood Town Hall on Friday June 17, Saturday June 18 at 7pm and Sunday June 19 at 5pm. The cost for all three plays is $10/7. Tickets can be booked by ringing Sarah on 329 7970.