By Peter Montague

There are now more breast cancers diagnosed in the US each year (181,000) than any other cancer, and all but 1000 of these occur in the female half of the population. There are a few other cancers that occur almost as often

Women lose out in enterprise bargaining

A survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in the first week of June found that the gap between women's and men's wages is increasing. Although equal pay was supposedly won in the 1970s, the

By Bernie Brian

DARWIN — The defeat, once again, of the Labor Party in the June 4 Northern Territory elections has sparked a call for the formation of a new Aboriginal party. Labor looks like holding on to seven seats (a loss of two) in the

True Stories: What really happened to Adolf Hitler — Almost 50 years after the death of Hitler, former Soviet intelligence officers break lifetime vows of silence to tell how he came to his end. Hitler and Eva Braun had taken refuge in a

Electricity privatisation in Wellington

By Max Anderson

WELLINGTON — With less than a month to go before the Wellington City Council makes a decision on the issue, the Save Capital Power group is rallying public support for its campaign

Directed By David Cronenberg
Screenplay by David Henry Hwang
Featuring Jeremy Irons, John Lone and Ian Richardson
Reviewed by L. Pradhan

M.Butterfly opens in Beijing in 1964, where Rene Gallimard (Jeremy Irons) is a lowly accountant in

By Jon Land

Supporters of Bougainville have sharply condemned the June 8 Senate report on the Australian parliamentary delegation's visit to Bougainville in April.

"The Loosley report makes no mention of the fact that Australian arms, money

By Brandon Astor Jones

[African-Americans] ... must not make the mistake of the German Jews, who assumed that if the German nation received some of them as intellectual and social equals, the whole group would be safe. It took only a

By Nick Sudakov

The Whitsunday branch of the Queensland Greens has called on the federal government and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to take immediate action to protect the reefs fringing the Whitsunday Islands.

Paving over Pyrmont?

Concrete City, a documentary film about Pyrmont, the small urban Sydney community which is to host the world's largest gambling casino as part of a huge urban consolidation, will be launched at the Mandolin Cinema on June


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