Thousands rally against forest agreement


Thousands rally against forest agreement

By Martin Schenke

BRISBANE — A 3000-strong crowd rallied in King George Square on June 14 to oppose the state government's regional forest agreement (RFA). The rally was organised by the Wilderness Society and featured performances by the Toothfaeries, Powderfinger and two members of Screemfeeder.

The crowd heard speakers describe the proposed RFA and its negative impact on south-east Queensland's forests.

Les Malezer from the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action spoke of the extent of environmental destruction since European colonisation, and informed the rally of crucial land rights issues involved.

Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett was jeered over his party's role in imposing the GST. He said the Democrats oppose the RFA.

Scott Alderson of the National Union of Students said he hoped that "Labor will jump on the bandwagon" and oppose the RFA.

The RFA is a proposed agreement between the Labor state government, the federal government and the timber industry to allow previously protected forests to be available for clear-cutting.