Tasmanian students support Kosova independence


By Nikki Ulasowski and Rohan Pearce

HOBART — At its meeting on April 20, the Tasmania University Union Students Representative Council condemned NATO's bombing of Serbia and the Australian government's support for the war. The SRC also condemned the Milosevic regime's "ethnic cleansing" and brutality against the Kosovar people and expressed support for independence for Kosova. The council urged Canberra to offer permanent residency to all Kosovar refugees who seek residence in Australia.

Debate centred on the KLA and whether student unions should play a role in "non-student issues". There was discussion about how to end the bloodshed: NATO peacekeeping troops or allowing the ethnic Albanian population to defend themselves.

TUU president Bruce Paterson commented, "As a student union, we should be prepared to take a stand against injustices committed against all people and students throughout the world".

The Hobart branches of Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party held a speak-out on April 23 to oppose the bombing of Serbia and to support self-determination for Kosova.