Brisbane CISLAC's 20th anniversary By Lynda Hansen. BRISBANE — Fifty supporters of the Committee in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean attended its Latin American dance party at the Resistance Centre on April 17. The event was the
Mexican resistance strengthening By Phil Hearse MEXICO CITY — A demonstration against electricity privatisation and student fees by up to 250,000 workers, students and masked Zapatistas on March 18 was the high point of a week of struggle which
By Jim Green The German Greens, junior partners in the coalition government led by the Social Democratic Party (SPD), are divided over German involvement in NATO air strikes on Serbia and Kosova. The Greens' policy of calling for the dissolution of
By Sue Boland Earlier this year, Australian tennis star Pat Cash received a lot of praise for donating a large sum of money to a charity for young people. Cash also chooses to avoid paying tax on his wealth by living outside Australia in a tax
The GST: just reject it! The Senate inquiry into the federal government's proposed goods and services tax (GST) has unearthed plenty of evidence to prove that it is fundamentally unfair and inequitable. However, during the course of the inquiry,
Explosion during Maralinga 'clean-up' By Jim Green The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has revealed that an explosion took place during the clean-up of the Maralinga nuclear bomb site in western South Australia on March
By Jim Green and Lisa Macdonald The national council of the Australian Greens adopted a resolution on the Balkans conflict at its meeting on April 10 and 11. The resolution begins: "The Australian Greens condemn the Serbian leadership in Kosova for
By Nikki Ulasowski and Rohan Pearce HOBART — At its meeting on April 20, the Tasmania University Union Students Representative Council condemned NATO's bombing of Serbia and the Australian government's support for the war. The SRC also condemned
May Day: 'The movement is worth more' By Jonathan Singer For more than 100 years, workers and socialists around the world have seen May Day — May 1 — as the international day of working-class demonstration and action. It symbolises the
Global demo for cancelling Third World debt By Eva Cheng BRUSSELS — An international demonstration planned for June 19 to press for the cancellation of all Third World debt was endorsed at a conference organised by the Committee for the
Protests against East Timor slaughter In response to reports that as many as 100 people in East Timor were murdered on April 17 and 18 by anti-independence terror gangs backed by the Indonesian regime, solidarity activists held an emergency night
Good morning Vietnam! Good morning, Vietnam! And it's a lovely day here in beautiful downtown Pristina. Wakey wakey, hands off snakey. It's time to rise and shine! Up and at them! It's yours truly on the dial way until 10 this AM today. Yessiree,
Youth wages By Nicole Berrell As we approach another May Day, young workers in this country face a huge attack on their rights. The Liberal Party's proposed Youth Wages Bill legislates permanently lower wages for young people. The ALP has
... and ain't I a woman?: Our duty as women As a young woman, you are the future of Australia. Yes, I can study to become a medical scientist and find a cure for cancer, AIDS, chronic childhood asthma ... or maybe become an engineer, design new
Burmese leader was no socialist By Myint Zan In an article titled "The Last Fifty Years of Burmese Law: E Maung and Maung" (Law Asia, 1997), Andrew Huxley from London's School of African and Oriental Studies claims that the former president of
World thug: an A-Z of US aggression By Zanny Begg Angola — 1975: civil war breaks out after Portugal is forced to withdraw. The US backs the right-wing Union for the Total Liberation of Angola in its counter-revolutionary war against the


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