Tanya Plibersek urged to stop old growth logging to save Tasmanian masked owl

Anti-extinction activists outside Tanya Plibersek's office on October 4. Photo: Rachel Evans

The day federal environment minister Tanya Plibersek launched her plan to stop extinctions, activists called on her to stop logging old-growth forests, the habitat for the endangered Tasmanian masked owl.

Extinction Rebellion Drummers, the Bob Brown Foundation, Stop Adani and Socialist Alliance activists presented a letter and framed picture of a masked owl to one of Plibersek's staffers on October 4.

The masked owl’s refuge is in Tasmania’s western region of old growth forest, which is under threat from logging. These birds pair for life, occupy a permanent territory and rely on hollows in old-growth trees for nesting and roosting.

Protesters urged Plibersek to also take action to protect the Takaya (Tarkine) forest, koala forest, the Tasmanian devil and the Victorian glider.


The framed photo given to Minister Plibersek. Photo: Rachel Evans