Sydney production looks at homelessness from homeless perspective


September 13-22
Milk Crate Theatre production
Carriageworks, Sydney

Fearless is the first Milk Crate Theatre production to be presented at Sydney's Carriageworks. For the production, Milk Crate Theatre works with an ensemble of performers who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation.

The production exposes audiences to a vastly different point-of-view. Milk Crate Theatre productions allow Sydneysiders to see the world through different eyes.

Fearless takes audiences through an exploration of loneliness from a marginalised point of view. A provocative play with music, it explores a pivotal point in the lives of 10 characters. The production begins at a juncture in the lives of each of these characters at a point where they reach redemption or relapse with unexpected results.

Milk Crate Theatre Director Mirra Todd, says the production “is at its heart a story of our intrinsic humanity … always striving to understand our place in a fractured world”.

Carriageworks director Lisa Havilah says: “Fearless is an authentic, powerful production which has the rare quality of being transformative for both performers and audiences.”