Sydney demands justice for David Dungay-Hill

Rally for David Dungay-Hill on December 29. Photo: Linda Kennedy

A rally for justice for David Dungay-Hill junior, a Dunghutti man from Kempsey, was organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Assocation last December 29.

Dungay-Hill, a 26-year-old Aboriginal man, was an inmate in Long Bay Prison. A sufferer of chronic diabetes, Dungay-Hill ate a biscuit in his cell to restore his blood sugar levels. For this “crime”, eight officers restrained him while another administered a sedative. Seconds later he cried “I can't breathe” and within a minute he was dead.

An internal investigation into Dungay-Hill's death, conducted by the Corrective Services Investigation Unit, took eight months to release a toxicology report. No one has been stood down, no one has been charged. A police brief is yet to appear and a coronial inquiry is still to come.

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