Supporters gather for justice as Dhu inquest resumes


The Dhu inquest — called to consider the who died in police custody in August 2014 — reconvened in Perth on March 14. WA Police were due to give evidence to the coronial inquiry for the first time on that date.

Around 60 people attended a protest outside the Perth Courts to demand an end to all deaths in custody and a proper inquest in to the circumstances involving Ms Dhu who's only crime was to have unpaid fines.

The highly charged meeting was lead by Aboriginal Elder Uncle Ben Taylor and the Dhu family.

Speakers condemned Colin Barnett Liberal government causing Barnett for at a previous demonstrate out side State Parliament. He promised that he would ensure that Ms Dhu's family would get a speedy inquest and that he would take action to reduce numbers of Aboriginal people in prison. These things didn't happen.

Poetry was read aloud to the people there followed by a song dedicated to Ms Dhu RIP