Stop Apartheid Israel’s Palestinian genocide in Gaza

October 18, 2023
Protesting for Palestine in Naarm. Photo: Sumitra Vignaendra

The desperate and heroic Occupied Palestinian break-out from the bombed and blockaded Gaza concentration camp on October 7 has been associated with the deaths in Israel of more than 1500 Palestinian fighters and 1400 Israelis.

Shockingly, the latter are mostly civilians, although most killed were likely to be present, past and soon-to-be-by-conscription Israeli military, reservists and police involved in the deadly 56-year occupation and ongoing Palestinian genocide.

Apartheid Israel has responded by collectively punishing the 2.3 million barely subsisting Gazans by placing bans on food, water, fuel and medicine. It has also launched a high explosive bombing campaign, rendering over 1 million homeless and, so far, killing about 1300 Palestinians in Gaza.

In March 1944, Nazi leader and mass murderer Adolph Hitler responded to the killing of 33 German soldiers by Italian Partisans by ordering the execution of 10 occupied men for every German soldier killed by Partisans — that is an occupied/occupier reprisal death ratio of 10.

Hitler’s order was promptly executed by Nazi troops in the Ardeatine Caves Massacre in Italy — 335 Italians were shot in reprisal for the deaths of 33 Nazi German soldiers.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs provides detailed statistics on violent Palestinian and Israeli deaths in violent conflicts in the 21st century.

Apartheid Israel has conducted a succession of Gaza massacres in the 21st Century.

The Palestinian/Israeli death ratios in the Occupied Palestinian Territories have been as follows for the periods indicated:

2008-2009: Palestinian deaths 1965 / Israeli deaths 44 = 44.7

2014: 2329/68 = 34.3 

2018: 300/13 = 23.1

2021: 349/11 = 31.7

The average occupied/occupier death ratio for January 1, 2008 to September 19, 2023 is: 6407/308 = 20.8

As of Day 7 in the current violence, Israeli deaths total about 1300 and, adopting the average occupied/occupier death ratio of 20.8, one can predict 1300 Israeli deaths x (20.8 Palestinian deaths / 1 Israeli death) = 27,040, or about 27,000 Palestinian deaths.

I conservatively predict the Israeli response could ultimately involve 27,000 Palestinian deaths, 100,000 Palestinians injured, complete demolition of Gaza (one of the world’s oldest cities and presently home to 2.3 million Palestinians) and a huge number of avoidable Palestinian deaths from deprivation, totalling in the order of 100,000 deaths.

This would be mass murder, and a massive contribution to the century-long Palestinian genocide.

As of Day 11 on October 17, reports indicate more than 1 million homeless, more than 3000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza, 1500 Palestinian fighters killed in Israel and 1400 Israeli deaths for an occupied/occupier death ratio of 4500/1400 = 3.2.

However humans, on average, can survive only 3 days without water. With water, food, power and medicine blocked and medical services increasingly crippled by war criminal Israeli bans and bombing, the world may well be witnessing within days a huge Gaza genocide with a final occupied/occupier death ratio of 2.3 million/1400 = 1643.

This is more than 164 times greater than the horrendous 10, ordered by Hitler.

The world must demand the immediate cessation of mass murder and the 56-year criminal occupation by Apartheid Israel, backed by the US, Western Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Apartheid Israel has ordered 1 million Palestinians to leave the northern part of Gaza on pain of death.

This constitutes the third major mass expulsion of Palestinians by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel, the prior mass expulsions being in the 1948 Nakba (“Catastrophe”) in which 800,000 were expelled and the 1967 Naksa (“Setback”) when 400,000 Arabs were expelled.

The century-long Palestinian genocide has, so far, been associated with more than 100,000 violent Palestinian deaths and about 2 million avoidable Palestinian deaths from imposed deprivation.

The Zionists want the land of Palestine, but not the indigenous Palestinians. The per capita gross domestic product is a deadly $3500 for Occupied Palestinians and $55,500 for Apartheid Israel.

Of nearly 15 million mostly impoverished indigenous Palestinians, 7 million are exiled Palestinians, 5.6 million are Occupied Palestinians (excluded from all human rights and from voting for the government ruling them under Apartheid) and 2 million Palestinian Israelis (able to vote, albeit as third class citizens under 60 race-based laws).

Despite a century of Palestinian genocide and successive mass population expulsions, indigenous Palestinians presently represent 51% of Apartheid Israeli subjects and Jewish Israelis only 47%.

However, under Apartheid the Zionists have ethnically cleansed 90% of the land of Palestine.

Humanity must act to stop the ongoing Palestinian genocide by: informing everyone you can; joining the millions protesting world-wide; and urging and applying Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against Apartheid Israel.

The Coalition and Labor parties fervently support Apartheid Israel. We cannot support pro-apartheid parties that support Apartheid Israel in its past and continuing genocidal excesses.

[Dr Gideon Polya is a Melbourne-based scientist, writer, artist and humanitarian activist.] 

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