Stop Adani National Day of Action: October 7

Thousands of activists will converge on a range of sites around the country on October 7 to send a message to politicians to say No to Adani No to funding Adani from taxpayer’s money.

In local community events from Port Douglas to Hobart, people will gather on beaches and parks to spell out these messages in the form of human signs. 

Recent actions in Bowen, Townsville and other Queensland cities have taken it to the frontline, where the immediate impact of the world’s biggest coalmine, if it goes ahead, will be felt. The actions have also focused on the links between Adani and Queensland Labor, as it prepares to launch its re-election campaign.

One of the members of the Stop Adani Alliance, said: “The Adani mine is a mistake for Australia. It's a disaster for our climate, Indigenous rights, human health, water resources and the Great Barrier Reef.

“So far the #StopAdani Alliance has challenged the mine in court, campaigned for banks not to invest in the project and raised public awareness of the dangers the mine poses. Across Australia, communities have come together to say #StopAdani at a roadshow, movie screenings, targeted events and bank branches to ensure this project doesn't go ahead.

“We now need to increase the visibility of the widespread community opposition, pressuring the federal government to not lend $1 billion of taxpayers’ money to Adani via the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

“Adani's coal project has been rejected by 24 banks internationally. The company needs NAIF money to go ahead. That's why participation is so vital on October 7 at the #StopAdani Big Day of Action.”

Get involved in the Stop Adani Day of Action. Come to the human signs. Wear Red and Black — the #StopAdani colours







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