Speak-out against war


Speak-out against war

BRISBANE — "Stop the bombing in Kosova!" was the call by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance at an emergency speak-out held in the Queen Street Mall here on Friday, April 9.

Brisbane DSP organiser Graham Matthews opened by stating that the demands of the action were to stop NATO's war on Serbia, grant independence for Kosova, welcome people who have been made refugees during the bombing and expel US bases from Australia.

Jim McIlroy followed by stating that the crisis in Kosova was about "big power politics, about maintaining the United States' role as global cop".

Mark Cronin from Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor compared the situation in Kosova with the situation in East Timor and said, "The answer to Serbian aggression is to support the resistance of the Kosovar people".

Karen Fletcher of the Democratic Socialists asked, "What land of compassion is Australia when we've only offered to take 4000 refugees, and for only three months?"

Jan MacNicol, long-time Brisbane peace activist, said, "It's up to us to express our revolt against US aggression and build the peace movement in Australia".

Members of the International Socialist Organisation also spoke.