Socialists call for 'people before profit'


Socialists call for 'people before profit'

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — The Democratic Socialist candidate for the seat of Brisbane Central, Zanny Begg, called for the creation of "a new kind of government based on putting the interests of people before private profit", in a statement released on July 1.

"The brutal law-and-order auction between Labor and the Coalition, and their economic policies aimed at slashing the public sector and assisting the big corporations, show that both the major party blocs are committed to an agenda of 'profit before people'," Begg said.

"Proposals like banning spray-paint cans to teenagers and putting police in schools are bizarre attempts to tackle deep social problems by targeting youth.

"Why won't the parties offer pro-choice policies, such as repeal of anti-abortion laws, ending the criminalisation of prostitution and marijuana, and the right of Aborigines to full land rights?"

The Democratic Socialists, Begg said, also support the massive expansion of public transport and an end to controversial tollway and freeway plans.

"Let's expand public hospital facilities, develop the public sector to create new jobs for youth and support workers, like those in Mt Isa, struggling for their rights", Begg said.

"Tax the rich, not the poor and working people, to fund these programs."

Begg said that, "in the final instance, return of a Labor government on July 15 is preferable to the Coalition with their plans to enforce secret ballots before strikes and attack union rights, and their more harsh approach in general.

"Nevertheless, the struggle to build a new party of working people which will break the two-party stranglehold lies before us, whichever major party wins."

For more information or to assist Zanny Begg's campaign, contact the Democratic Socialists, 29 Terrace Street, New Farm 4005, or phone (07)254 0565.