Socialists announce national conference


Socialists announce national conference

SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) has announced plans to hold its 16th national conference near here from January 3 to 8.

Doug Lorimer, conference spokesperson, told Green Left Weekly, "The DSP will be discussing and deciding on its political perspectives for the coming two years at the conference". Reports to be presented will include the DSP's analysis of the international and Australian political situation and an assessment of the DSP's tasks for the coming period.

"Delegates will be presented with a revised DSP resolution on lesbian and gay liberation, as well as an updated and revised version of Socialism and Human Survival, the DSP's resolution on the environment crisis", Lorimer said.

A range of international speakers will be addressing the conference, including Sonny Melencio, vice president of MAKABAYAN in the Philippines, and representatives from the East Timorese political party Fretilin.

Green Left Weekly journalists will make presentations to the conference, including those recently returned from assignment in the Philippines and Norm Dixon from South Africa. "The DSP will also reaffirm its commitment to the Green Left Weekly project at the conference", Lorimer explained, "with a rally to highlight the role of the paper aimed at raising funds for the 1995 fund appeal".

The DSP national conference promises a very youthful atmosphere also. Many of the delegates will also be members of the socialist youth organisation Resistance, which is in political solidarity with the DSP. "The conference will confirm the DSP's support and commitment to helping build an independent socialist youth organisation", Lorimer said.

The conference is open to DSP members and supporters and members of Resistance. Those wishing to attend or wanting more information should contact the DSP branch in their city or the DSP national office on (02) 690 1230.