By Malik Miah SAN FRANCISCO — US voters on November 8 gave the Republican Party control of both houses of the US Congress. The last time the Republicans controlled Congress was in 1954. President Bill Clinton's Democratic
Agency bargaining rush is on in HSH By Phil Shannon CANBERRA — Departmental management and the national officials of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) are priming union members for the adoption of an agency
Farmers clash with Indonesian military By Hasan NGAWI, East Java — On November 10, approximately 1500 farmers and 150 students from Students in Solidarity for Democracy in Indonesia (SSDI) held a mass demonstration in front of
IYF: plaything of politicians and media By Melinda Jollie As we draw toward the end of the International Year of the Family, it is difficult to retain any of the initial optimism generated by the "reform" rhetoric of
By Frank Enright Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) forces continue to maintain their defensive positions following the failure of the peace conference in October. "The cease-fire no longer applies ... But the BRA forces have not
FMLN commander arrested By Roberto Jorquera On October 17, a Salvadoran judge ordered the arrest of Joaquin Villalobos, one of the five FMLN commanders and leader of the ERP. Villalobos was charged with the offence, of
Politics for beginners By Dave Riley The way Graham Richardson calls it, politics is a mug's game. With sharks like Richo at large maybe it is best to stay out of the water altogether. "Be warned!", insists Richo, "Politics is
By Arun Pradhan Thousands of people rallied across Australia on November 12 to commemorate the killing of more than 300 peaceful protesters in Dili three years ago. Protesters in 11 cities showed that they would not accept the Australian
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — To know their conditions of life are bad and getting worse, women in today's Russia do not need graphs, maps or statistical tables. Nevertheless, the newspaper Segodnya performed a useful service recently
By Peter Devereux MANAGUA — The Central American presidents met in an ecological summit here on October 12 and 13. The agenda was carefully slanted toward a future sustainable development, deliberately refusing to consider the
Seventy days into the IRA cease-fire, and with the clock ticking to the 90-day deadline set by Britain for discussion with Sinn Fein, ZANNY BEGG talks to MARY NILUS, a Sinn Fein councillor for Derry and a delegate to the Irish Forum on Peace and
True believers, please note "The employers have got to grow up and stand up. This government and the trade unions have got the inflation rate under 2% for them; now they have to help themselves to keep it there." — PM Keating, urging bosses
Power station provokes concern By Elaine Chew Federal and state government greenhouse reduction policies proved ineffective as the NSW Land and Environment Court gave approval for the Redbank power station in the Hunter Valley
Straight Left By Tom Uren Random House, 1994. 500 pp., $39.95 (hb) Reviewed by Frank Noakes It was the hottest Sydney October day in 100 years. In the humidity, squeezed between potted palms and the odd federal government
Socialists announce national conference SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) has announced plans to hold its 16th national conference near here from January 3 to 8. Doug Lorimer, conference spokesperson, told Green
By Peter Montague The New York Times recently described a dark trend. In the US, and overseas, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the people in the middle are becoming less and less secure about their future. And


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