Greens run in Kooyong


Greens run in Kooyong

MELBOURNE — The Greens Victoria are running author and philosopher Peter Singer in the Kooyong by-election on November 19. Singer, a professor, is running against Liberal Petro Georgiou, an architect of the Kennett 1992 election campaign. The ALP and Democrats are not standing.

Even though Kooyong is a safe Liberal seat, it has frequently returned high votes for progressive Senate candidates, so there is a chance for the electorate to make a point.

The Greens are running on the issue of working for openness and honesty in government, preserving Australia's unique environment, taking our international responsibilities seriously and challenging the doctrines of "economic rationalism" and privatisation.

"The Greens represent a powerful new force for change. I am standing in Kooyong because I am concerned that the broadest issues of public concern are not being represented in parliament today", Singer said.

"By voting Green, the people of Kooyong can send a powerful message to the Labor and Liberal parties. The issues we stand for, protection of the environment, stronger democracy, social justice and quality of life, are more important to our future than leadership feuds and parliamentary squabbling."

To help with the campaign, contact the Greens on (03) 328 4085.