A short history of US imperialism and resistance

Washington Bullets: A history of the CIA, coups and assassinations
By Vijay Prashad
LeftWord Books, New Delhi, 2020

At 162 pages, Vijay Prashad’s Washington Bullets: A History of the CIA, Coups and Assassinations is truly a cover-to-cover read. As he correctly states, to have included footnotes, references, afterthoughts, appendices and the like would have doubled its length.

Prashad’s smooth journalistic style effortlessly informs and reminds readers about the hegemonic actions of the United States. This is a history of the world in the modern era that exposes the inhumane brutality of imperialism and the courage of the masses — the people of our world who are intimate with the trust and cooperation so essential for human survival.

For those of us who lived in a world that had a Soviet Union, we have, in Washington Bullets, a history of our solidarity activism here in Australia. For much younger comrades, this book helps to make sense of current geopolitics.

For all readers, Washington Bullets gives purpose to knowing and informing our family, neighbours and all the people we encounter, be it at work, in the street, or at the shops — anywhere where we mix with our fellow humans.

Prashad has given us a book full of tidbits that awakens understanding and encourages critical thought. He outlines how tanks, banks, NGOs and the law have savaged any people’s-inspired sovereign attempt at a humane society in the face of capitalism.

We are reminded of the hope embedded in the Non Alignment Movement and the courage of those countries such as Cuba and the people’s movements that continue to stand up to imperialism.

Washington Bullets is available from LeftWord Books and Monthly Review Press.

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