Sheep say 'baaan' unconventional gas mining

Victorian sheep spell it out.

South-west Victorian farmers have used sheep to spell out their opposition to unconventional gas mining in the region.

Gasfield Free West Victoria organised for 2000 sheep to run into a paddock and spell out “BAN GAS”, as a reminder to the Victorian government that they do not want gas mining on their prime agricultural land.
It took two weeks to train the sheep to follow the grain trail that spelled out the message.

Mal Rowe, who manages the farm south of Hamilton, said: “The main recommendations from the recent gas inquiry were that Victoria was nowhere near ready to be able to manage such an industry.

“The risks to the environment, to agriculture, to human health and social harmony were deemed to be too great. We want the Premier Daniel Andrews to give us certainty.”

Dairy farmer Liz Jordon said the threat of unconventional gas mining was a cloud on the future of agriculture in the region and if the Victorian government was serious about encouraging young people into the industry, they would ban the practice and give certainty to farmers.

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