A rising tide of climate activists stop coal train

Climate activists disrupt a coal train. Photo: Zebedee Parkes

More than 100 climate activists stopped a coal train at Sandgate, near Newcastle, on April 16, from 9am to 1.30pm in protest at the damaging industry.

As part of the action, organised by Rising Tide, 14 protestors stood on top of the wagon which they decorated with a 15 metre banner which read: “Survival guide for humanity: NO NEW COAL”.

A strong feature of the action was the almost continuous singing and music that expressed an air of implacable determination to achieve their goal: to cease all coal exports from the port of Newcastle by 2030.

Participants signed the Rising Tide pledge and planning is underway for more protests, including shareholder actions to the non-violent disruption of the fossil fuel industry.

Police charged protestors who either stood on, or beside, the coal wagons. The fines will be contested and only serve to strengthen the determination of many across Australia to rid ourselves and the world of a predatory industry.


Photo: Zebedee Parkes


Photo: Zebedee Parkes


Photo: Zebedee Parkes