Resistance members say ...


Sarah, Melbourne

Question: Why did you decide to join Resistance?

I joined Resistance because it campaigned around a range of issues I am interested in. It explained the nature of these issues, how they relate to the entire system and the need to do something about it.

Question: What campaigns have you been involved in?

I've campaigned against the federal government's attempt to introduce up-front fees and "voluntary student unionism". Also organising International Women's Day marches and campaigning in solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor.

Question: Describe your feelings about this year's conference.

Inspirational, and successful in setting the perspectives of Resistance for the next year.

Monique, Melbourne

Question: How did you find out about Resistance?

I knew about Resistance from last year's anti-racism high school walkouts and from other rallies. Also, I found out more about Resistance's politics from reading copies of Green Left that I bought on street stalls.

Question: Describe the conference in one word.


Danny, Sydney

Question: Why did you decide to join Resistance?

I was a socialist for a long time and after attending some conferences I was convinced that I needed to be active. I didn't want to just sit on my hands and wait for change; I wanted to fight for it.

Question: As a high school student, how do you view today's high school students in Australia?

Last year's high school walkouts against racism proved that today's high school students are not completely apolitical and apathetic. It showed that high school students are angry about many issues and that they can play a leading role in social change.

Sarah, Perth

Question: What does it feel like to be a revolutionary?

It feels amazing that I'm actually doing something and fighting for a better world.

Question: What inspired you to come all the way from Perth for the conference?

The conference enables you to have an input into the future perspectives of Resistance and reflect on all the campaigns Resistance has been involved in. This is really inspiring, especially coming from an isolated place like Perth where sometimes you forget that you're part of a huge, national organisation.

Claudia, Perth

Question: Why did you decide to join Resistance?

I was impressed at the thorough political knowledge of Resistance members and as I read more about socialism I realised that the system needs to be changed. I saw Resistance as a way for me to contribute to this.