Residents rally to stop auction of public housing

Photo: Marie Ngai-King

Residents called an emergency action on March 10 to stop the auction of a home in Glebe. The auction was forced to be held offsite but, at the time of publication, it was not confirmed if a sale took place.

Emily Vallentine said the planned sale of home at 92 Cowper Street Glebe was the latest example of the NSW government trying to “get rid of public housing by stealth”.

“It’s disgusting that the government is selling off public housing when there are about 50,000 people on the waiting list.

“This three-bedroom family house should have been refurbished and made available for a low income family,” she said.

Hands off Glebe is campaigning for the NSW government to stop selling off public housing, and build thousands of new homes.

Vallentine said such a move would also provide many urgently needed jobs.