Refugees tell Gillard Nauru is 'the worst condition of our lives'

Photo: Clint Deidenang

The following “Appeal of asylum seekers” was released by refugees on Nauru on October 31. It was addressed to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Australian MPs, the Nauru government, human rights commissions and the “rest of the world”.

The men said on November 1 that they would begin a group hunger strike "for unknown time".

"This is a clear message that we are not happy here, we want to go back from this Hell to Australia and we request to the Australia government to start our processing."


What are the facts of asylum seekers in Nauru, we left our homelands because our lives were in danger and having no freedom.

After taking risk of deep indian ocean, we reached Australia in a hope of new start of life.

We have lost our wealth and we are loosing our health steadily.

This time our hands are empty and we have hope to get in Australia for new start of life.

We request to PM Julia Gillard, Nauruan government, PNG and rest of the world to save our lives and futures.

Responding to the statement given by Salvation Army, let's invite the media to find the reality.

Who are living in tents with out A/C and fans and who are living in A/C rooms.

We request to the Australian media to come and let the world know about our conditions.

Why media is banned here because here we have the worst condition of lives, they want to hide the reality from people of Australia and Human rights commission.

Day by day asylum seekers in Nauru are effecting from diseases due to living in a wild environment of 40 Celsius.

Even some of the workers of Salvation Army are crying to see us in this condition why they are not telling the reality to the Australian people, some of worker of Salvation Army told us once they will back to Australia, they will not come again to this wild environment.

We asylum seekers believes in God and having hope of help from the people of Australia and Human rights commission.

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