The real radio alternative



The real radio alternative

By Arun Pradhan

MELBOURNE — Supporters of community radio 3CR are being asked to become listener sponsors of the station. The current listener sponsor drive, essential for the survival and expansion of the station, ends on November 8.

3CR has actively supported a range of progressive issues since its inception. Radio Resistance, a show presented by supporters of Green Left Weekly, recently looked at one of 3CR's precursors, "Draft Radio Resistance", which took a loud and active stand against the Vietnam War.

The show relied on an illegal mobile transmitter which was constantly targeted by the police. Activists recalled one incident in which police stormed Melbourne University looking for draft dodgers and the transmitter, only to be thwarted on both counts courtesy of a hidden doorway built into the student union.

3CR now has a broadcasting licence and a permanent studio, but the spirit and links to campaigns for social change remain.

Earlier this year, the station's continuous coverage was crucial for the picket lines in defence of the MUA.

More recently, a range of shows have been key to building mass support for the Jabiluka campaign, with live crossovers from local actions and the former blockade in Kakadu. 3CR also donated a weekly half hour show to the Jabiluka Action Group.

People can become 3CR sponsors from $20, and in doing so will join in the running for a range of prizes including $1000 worth of organic fruit over a year.

People who become sponsors during Radio Resistance or the Friday Breakfast Show on November 6 (6:30 am to 8:30 am), will receive Strength in a Union, a various artists CD, and will go into the running for an introductory subscription to Green Left Weekly and a $30 book voucher.

For more information, contact Radio Resistance on 9329 1320 or 3CR on 9417 8377.