Labor left students do deal with Libs By Marina Carman SYDNEY — Students who voted for the Labor left-aligned National Organisation of Labor Students (NOLS) in University of Sydney Student Representative Council (SRC) elections last month
Reclaim the Night It's been 20 long years and still we fight,for equality and justice, basic human rights.Will we ever be able to walk alone?Never truly safe, not even at home.The predators they stalk, always hunting,assuming our bodies are there
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Court victory for East Timorese refugees A Federal Court judge on October 30 upheld an appeal by an East Timorese man, Kon Tji Lay, against the Refugee Review Tribunal's decision to refuse him refugee status because he was "entitled" to Portuguese
By Margaret Allum While the traditional focus of Reclaim the Night marches has been on violence against women, some RTN collectives this year included a broad range of demands relating to women's right. Marches were held around the country on
This week in history November 7, 1837: US abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy killed by racist mob The slave system in southern US states during the 19th century led to a growing "abolitionist" movement agitating for the compulsory emancipation of
Carr announces Eden forests decision By Margaret Allum SYDNEY — Reactions varying from outrage to cautious optimism greeted the NSW Labor government's October 26 announcement of a regional forest agreement (RFA) for the south-east forests near
Pakistani scholar assassinated By Nadeem Ansari Early on the morning of October 17, a prominent and renowned scholar, Hakim Mohammad Saeed (78) was assassinated near his clinic in Karachi. Hakim Saeed was the founding president of the Hamdard
Prospects for resistance to the new Howard government By Peter Boyle There will be no shortage of attacks on the working class from the Coalition government in its second term: the GST, further austerity and privatisation and the second wave of
By Leo Wellin After 16 months of negotiations, union leaders on October 22 endorsed a two-year enterprise agreement designed to deliver greater profits to Telstra. Endorsement of the deal by union officials has angered many members of the Community
Events that shook the world By James Vassilopoulos "Besides the organised and peaceful demonstrations there were many of a different kind — tumultuous, ardent, violent, anarchical, drawing in hundreds of thousands, even millions of participants
... and ain't I a woman?: Different methods, same message The sniper-style murder of another US abortion provider confirms the systematic nature of the recent campaigns by North American anti-choice fanatics to deny women access to abortion
Sweet as nectar, intoxicating as tsipouro IntoxicationThe haBiBisLarrikin through FestivalXylouris EnsembleSelf-titledHi-Gloss Records/MDS Review by James Vassilopoulos Advances in music are often the result of migrations: people leaving their
By Renfrey Clarke ANZHERO-SUDZHENSK, Russia — The Soviet system had a way of playing cruel jokes on this coal-mining centre in the Kuzbass industrial region of Siberia. One such malign whim was to locate the city administration building hard by
Face Value Look at it this way.Wrinkles are for usenot smoothing out.If I were going to placein a capsule for possiblealiens, a filmed faceto depict the human femalewould I choosean infant with trulylovely womb-washed eyesbut little else?While that
The rise and fall of a porn star Homme Fatale: the Joey Stefano StoryWith Shane C. RodrigoWednesday-Saturday, 9.30pm, and Sunday, 5pm, until November 8Lion Theatre, AdelaidePart of the Feast Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival Review by Katie


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