Rally to stop environmental destruction


By Jane Armanasco

PERTH — On February 27, more than 150 people braved sweltering heat to protest against environmental destruction. The main demands of the rally, which was organised by Resistance, were: Stop the logging of old-growth forests! Axe the regional forest agreement! Stop the Jabiluka uranium mine and 20 other proposed uranium mines for WA! and Say no to a nuclear waste dump in WA!

Peter Robertson from the Western Australian Forest Alliance spoke about how the government's regional forest agreement will allow the logging of old-growth forests for the next 20 years. Marcel Cameron, spokesperson for Resistance, talked about the future of the anti-logging campaign in Perth and the need for mass action against old-growth logging. Cassie, who has been at the blockades in the south-west forests, spoke about the beauty and value of the old-growth forests.

After the speeches the protesters marched to Parliament House where Alex Robinson from Resistance talked about the Jabiluka uranium mine, the 20 uranium mines proposed for WA, and a possible nuclear waste dump in the Pilbara region.

Resistance invited all the rally participants back to the Resistance Centre for a public meeting on socialism and the environment. At that meeting there was a lot of discussion about possibilities for a mass campaign against the logging of old-growth and the need to continue to protest against the mine at Jabiluka.