Radio highlights


Women Out Loud: The Women's Cafe — A magazine program wrapping up the Beijing conference as well as other news and views. ABC Radio National, Saturday, September 30, 5.05pm (repeated Wednesday, October 4, 2.05pm).

The Europeans — Maria Zijlstra visits the annual May Day rally in Stockholm. She examines the policies of the Swedish Social Democrats — the darling party of world reformism — and discovers that they are leading the rush to slash social benefits in the once model welfare state. ABC Radio National, Sunday October 1, 1.05pm (repeated Tuesday, October 3, 2.30pm).

Fictions: Charlie Bloom — A radio play by Kathleen Gallagher. In September 1966 a 120-kiloton bomb was exploded under a balloon, 600 metres above Moruroa, despite unfavourable wind conditions. Not long after in Samoa, 3610 kilometres away, after a rainstorm, a radiation hot spot occurred. Charlie Bloom tells the story of one couple and the suffering caused through undiagnosed radiation poisoning. ABC Radio National, Sunday, October 1, 3.05pm.