By Graham Matthews Reading the mainstream media recently, one could be forgiven for believing that the environment movement had achieved a conclusive victory in the battle against global environmental degradation. "In just 10 short years, the
By Jennifer Thompson The ACTU and federal government have announced that they will appeal against a non-union enterprise flexibility agreement between the Tweed Valley Fruit Processors and their approximately 45 employees. The federal Coalition
Write on: letters to the editorNUS and ISO Colm Bryce (ISO Chippendale) was correct that he has more in common with NUS bureaucrats than with Resistance and the DSP (GLW #203). In Brisbane the ISO have entered an alliance with the ALP left in
Top of his head "I can't tell you specifically ... Off the top of my head, I can't tell you ... I don't have that knowledge." — WA Premier Richard Court at the Easton Royal Commission, trying to avoid answering questions without saying, "I can't
From dream to reality that's the prison life You sleep and dream to awake and find reality inside a prison cell thinking why you're here you need not hide it's clear now it's Genocide fight the feelings
By Tony Iltis CANBERRA — Proceedings at the ACT Legislative Assembly were disrupted on September 22 by public sector workers angry at the large job losses and cuts to community services in the first budget of Kate Carnell's minority Liberal
By Stephen Marks TACAMICHE — The soldiers at the checkpoints on the road into the village made it obvious that a military occupation was under way here, in the banana plantation heartlands of northern Honduras. Because of overproduction in the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — As campaigning for the December 17 parliamentary elections gains momentum, President Boris Yeltsin is preparing another assault on the federal legislature. Yeltsin has indicated that he plans to block the holding of
Women Out Loud: The Women's Cafe — A magazine program wrapping up the Beijing conference as well as other news and views. ABC Radio National, Saturday, September 30, 5.05pm (repeated Wednesday, October 4, 2.05pm). The Europeans — Maria
Political PrisonersiNsuRgeThrough Warners MusicReviewed by Jen Crothers Those who are at all interested in hardcore music will be interested in the latest offering from iNsuRge. Political Prisoners is a five-track EP with a radical message —
BRIAN CAMPBELL, from the Irish weekly An Phoblacht/Republican News, recently visited Euskadi — the Basque Country — which straddles the border between Spain and France. The Basque people have been involved in a long struggle for
SANDRA MARTIN, recently returned from a visit to England, gives her impressions of the post-Thatcher scene. The England I knew has all but gone. It is surrounded by the shadow of a motorway which cuts a scar through the once lovely green fields and
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