SANDRA MARTIN, recently returned from a visit to England, gives her impressions of the post-Thatcher scene. The England I knew has all but gone. It is surrounded by the shadow of a motorway which cuts a scar through the once lovely green fields and
BRIAN CAMPBELL, from the Irish weekly An Phoblacht/Republican News, recently visited Euskadi — the Basque Country — which straddles the border between Spain and France. The Basque people have been involved in a long struggle for
By Eva Cheng Seven former sex slaves and other victims of Japanese atrocities in China were recounting their wartime plight to reporters during a press conference in Hepingli Hotel in Beijing on August 7 when the police broke in. The meeting was
Action against fascist violence MELBOURNE — A small but vocal group rallied at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on September 20 as National Action leader Michael Brander faced assault charges. As he arrived the group began chanting "Nazis out".
By Melani Iona MELBOURNE — On May 18, a public meeting was held to protest against the possible closure of the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. At the meeting the Fairfield AIDS Action Coalition (FAACT) was formed, bringing together
ZeldaBy Zelda D'ApranoSpinifex, 1995. 408 pp.Reviewed by Trish Corcoran "Working-class women very rarely write books because of our inability to write at the level required by male established literary standards. Nor are many books written about the
By Roslyn Moloney The World Rainforest Report has launched the "100 Club", a campaign to raise funds for the magazine, published quarterly since 1983. World Rainforest Report is the only magazine in the world focusing entirely on in-depth
By Dave Wright SYDNEY About 270 people attended the annual Green Left Weekly dinner on September 16. The theme for the night was Liberation, in particular focused on the Asia Pacific region. Speakers included Alico Santos, a Fretilin activist
By Bill Mason MIM Holdings, Queensland's biggest company, was plunged into a new crisis on September 21 when more than 800 workers at Mt Isa went on strike in the ongoing dispute over union coverage at the company's giant mine there. The 24-hour
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — More than 1000 school service officers (SSOs), teachers, parents and supporters rallied at Parliament House steps on September 21 in an ongoing campaign to save 500 SSO positions destined to be cut in 1996.


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