Public Peoples Assembly - Crisis? . . . What Crisis? . . . Which One!!

Perth & Fremantle


1:00pm Saturday 15 August


The Naval Store
Corner of Queen Victoria Street and Canning Hwy
Fremantle WA 6160


Democracy and Care:

What does it mean to care for the well-being of other members of our community in the face of the infectious nature of Covid? What does it mean to care for the broader ecosphere upon which we depend and are a part? What does it mean to take care of the fragile ‘thing’ we call democracy...?

To care requires that first that we are prepared to pay attention beyond our own self-interest, without at the same time disregarding it. Then, if we accept that meaning is created within in a web of relationships (rather than in our heads), we recognise that the move toward actions founded in the idea of genuine care is something we can only do together.

Democracy does (in fact) promise the possibility of creating
meaning together, in relationship, and connected to the world that we
all share. If we can bring some vitality and integrity back to the idea of democracy, then we can face reality with a new set of understandings and actions.

This Peoples’ Assembly is an opportunity to claim back the possibilities of democracy by rediscovering how to do it – to listen to others, to respond (rather than react) and to do so in a human space unmediated by the algorithms and distractions of social media. The outcome of this assembly – what we decide together – will be sent to local councils and members of government for them to take notice of.

In addition, the fact that a body of people are prepared to do this will signal that we are no longer leaving the responsibilities of providing a caring democracy only to our representatives.

This event is taking place in some awareness of the particular context that WA has in the face of the current Covid situation. We encourage you to bring a mask, and there will be some available as well.
Social distancing requirements will be easily met within this venue given the prospective numbers we have set for attendance. Hand sanitiser will be also be available. Please be respectful of other peoples needs and perspectives around Covid while sharing this afternoon together.

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