Extinction Rebellion Western Australia

100% of recent trainees felt more prepare for civil disobedience to get action on climate, and would recommend this training to others!

...motivating and exhilarating..." "...informative, thought-provoking and empowering..." - some of the feedback from our Peaceful Protest Training.

If you've been to a Rebel Welcome or Public Talk or other event, your next step to taking action is Peaceful Protest Training (a.k.a Intro to Non-Violent Direct Action NVDA).

Calling all Rebels! It’s time to hit the streets to show that the climate emergency hasn’t gone away, and neither have we.

In love and rage, we will march on Malcolm Street Bridge, disrupting the connection between our parliament and the fossil fuel companies who are joining forces to destroy our planet. Join us to rebel for all life.

COVID-19 has shown how fragile our society is and presented it with an opportunity to change course. Disastrously, our politicians are now squandering that opportunity, putting all of us at grave risk.

Democracy and Care:

What does it mean to care for the well-being of other members of our community in the face of the infectious nature of Covid? What does it mean to care for the broader ecosphere upon which we depend and are a part? What does it mean to take care of the fragile ‘thing’ we call democracy...?

Spring is coming and it's time to dust off your bike! Join local bike groups and community bike maintenance experts to tune up your gears, pump up your wheels and pimp up your handlebars! Join our fleet of cargo bikes, trikes, tandems, racers and regular ol' pushies to make a statement for our planet: pedal power style!

Reserve your spot now!

Come and find out the facts about climate change with a focus on impacts on Western Australia, and how you can get involved with Extinction Rebellion to become part of a peaceful social movement for system change.

Arrive for nibbles and soup at 6:00, Talk starts at 6:30 sharp

Tickets: https://actionnetwork.org/events/public-talk-climate-crisis-the-facts-and-what-you-can-do-about-it

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association is meeting for their conference at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre JUNE 14-17.

Join us next Saturday for a snap action march in protest against the decision not to label the Great Barrier Reef as "in danger". Our reef is fragile and precious and we cannot allow it to die.

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