Protests slam Gulf 'allies'


Protests slam Gulf 'allies'

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — Popular opposition to the US-led war against Iraq was expressed in a rally and march here on Sunday, February 19, sponsored by the Gulf Action Coalition.

Feature speaker at a rally in the Roma Street Forum, Gulf Peace Camp member Jerry Smith, gave an eyewitness report of the reality of the war for the Iraqi people.

Vietnam veteran Zev explained that the ordinary soldiers were also victims, not the cause, of the war policies of governments.

A spirited march through city streets ended with a sit-down opposite the US Consulate. Unfortunately, incidents between some demonstrators and police led to violence in which some 18 people were arrested.

Nevertheless, the rally and concert in Albert Park went ahead, with speakers including Ian McLean, state president of the ALP and Telecom union secretary; Janet Powell, leader of the Australian Democrats in the Senate; and prominent environmental scientist Dr Ian Lowe.

A further rally and concert was organised by Secondary School Students Against the War, following the cease-fire, on March 1.