Carpenters union leadership in doubt By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — The leadership of the Victorian branch of the Association of Carpenters and Joiners has been changed twice in the last few weeks following revelations that large sums of money have

In this second part of an interview with Steve Painter and Jim Percy, Soviet Socialist Party member Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the role of democratic issues and demands in Soviet politics today.

By Peter Boyle The days are now shorter in Kuwait. Sometimes in early afternoon the sun is blocked out by clouds of black smoke from the hundreds of burning oil wells. Kuwaiti Oil officials estimate that it might take up to four years to put out
Correction A word was omitted from Terry Flew's article on the antiwar movement in last week's Green Left, changing the sense. Referring to the movement, the sentence said, "I hope it is limited", which should have read, "I hope its future is
In Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, women's role in society is undergoing a re-evaluation as profound as that which took place in the late 1940s and '50s, when women were brought en masse into the job of constructing socialism. TRACY SORENSEN
Connie Fraser joined the Women's Action Coalition in 1972 and has been active in the women's movement ever since. She also writes poetry and has had one book, Other Ways of Looking, published. "Feminism is not just relevant — it's basic to
MATSUI YAYORI is a journalist and co-founder of the Asian Women's Association, which is conducting a program on Women and Development to raise the consciousness of people in Japan on the realities of women in other Asian countries. Matsui is the
In October 1988, Kerry Browning was arrested and charged with bombing cars from the South African and US embassies in Canberra. Despite the devotion of massive resources by the police and ASIO, they have still to come up with any serious evidence
Mina O'Shea is a year 12 student at Sydney Girls High. A founding member of Secondary Students Against the War, she is also active in the Environmental Youth Alliance, Sydney High Environment Group and Resistance. "When I was in kindergarten, our
Lara Pullen first became involved in politics in 1986 when she was 17 years old and living in Cooma, NSW. Since then she has moved to Canberra and has worked in rape crisis and domestic violence centres and in the community housing sector and has
... and ain't i a woman?: Taking safety seriously Victorian Premier Joan Kirner is so outraged by recent violent attacks against women in public places she is considering a range of initiatives to protect women. These are said to include
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The first thing that struck Dr Yelena Shomina about Anzhero-Sudzhensk was that the snow was black. A geographer, she was in the Kuzbass region — Western Siberia's "Ruhr Valley" — early in December to attend a
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