In Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, women's role in society is undergoing a re-evaluation as profound as that which took place in the late 1940s and '50s, when women were brought en masse into the job of constructing socialism. TRACY SORENSEN
Natalie Mikkelsen studies arts/law at Monash University and is a member of the Monash Greens as well as the Women's Collective. She has also participated in the Aboriginal Legal Service and the movement against the Gulf War. "Feminism describes
Correction A word was omitted from Terry Flew's article on the antiwar movement in last week's Green Left, changing the sense. Referring to the movement, the sentence said, "I hope it is limited", which should have read, "I hope its future is
Lara Pullen first became involved in politics in 1986 when she was 17 years old and living in Cooma, NSW. Since then she has moved to Canberra and has worked in rape crisis and domestic violence centres and in the community housing sector and has
GREAT LAKES, USA — A fire/explosion at the Chemical Waste Management facility on Stony Island in the Calumet River, near Chicago, around 12:30 a.m. on February 13 broke the door seals on the kilns burning hazardous waste and released undisclosed
Mina O'Shea is a year 12 student at Sydney Girls High. A founding member of Secondary Students Against the War, she is also active in the Environmental Youth Alliance, Sydney High Environment Group and Resistance. "When I was in kindergarten, our
One of Hobart's most vocal feminist activists is Kath Gelber. Kath has been involved with women's groups both on and off campus. She is also a member of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance. "For me, being a feminist means getting
By Will Firth BERLIN — Nationalism has had a frightening upsurge in many European countries in the wake of the collapse of the Eastern bloc. Germany is no exception, and fear is widespread that not all of the "evil spirits" of 50 years ago have
Monica Harte is a tram driver and job delegate for the ATMOEA in Melbourne. She played a leading role during the 1989-90 tramways dispute and ran as an independent candidate in the Thomastown by-election in February 1990. Beginning in 1979, Monica
James Basle How can an organisation purporting to represent students fail to take a clear stand on a major issue of concern to students — and, indeed, to the whole country? Although the Gulf War was preceded by a five-month build-up, it


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