Peace Camp a 'unique experiment' By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — The Gulf Peace Camp, which ended its stay 2 km from the Iraqi-Saudi Arabian border on January 28, was "an amazing and unique experiment in non-violent struggle", camp member Jerry Smith
What does it mean to be a feminist? There are well-known women who have "made it" in a man's world. Their achievements both help to dispel the myths of male supremacy and encourage other women to challenge the second-class status assigned by this
By Pat Walsh The World Council of Churches wound up its mammoth seventh assembly in Canberra on February 20 without discussing or taking a position on East Timor. The WCC's silence on the issue, after its loud and commendable protests on the
In this second part of an interview with Steve Painter and Jim Percy, Soviet Socialist Party member Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the role of democratic issues and demands in Soviet politics today. Jim Percy: How do you use the terms right and left
By Pat Brewer "President George Bush has urged alternatives to abortion, such as adoption, and said that the easy availability of abortions in the United States challenged the basic value Americans placed on life. He urged Americans to turn to
By Peter Boyle The days are now shorter in Kuwait. Sometimes in early afternoon the sun is blocked out by clouds of black smoke from the hundreds of burning oil wells. Kuwaiti Oil officials estimate that it might take up to four years to put out
An undeserved sentence to poverty By Sandra Hawker Part of the recession we had to have which hasn't received much attention in the "mainstream" media is the increasingly harsh treatment of unemployed people by the government. Singled out for
In October 1988, Kerry Browning was arrested and charged with bombing cars from the South African and US embassies in Canberra. Despite the devotion of massive resources by the police and ASIO, they have still to come up with any serious evidence
By Kevin Healy Well, a tragic personal week with some devastating news from the tax department. Yep, the tax department decided it wouldn't tax race course winnings. Now why should this upset Lucky Kev, I hear you asking. It's obvious, isn't it?
MATSUI YAYORI is a journalist and co-founder of the Asian Women's Association, which is conducting a program on Women and Development to raise the consciousness of people in Japan on the realities of women in other Asian countries. Matsui is the


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