By Sally Low SYDNEY — From Friday July 12 to Sunday July 14 women from all round Australia will gather here to attend a National Lesbian Conference at the University of Technology. Clare Gallagher from the organising committee hopes that up to a
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The first thing that struck Dr Yelena Shomina about Anzhero-Sudzhensk was that the snow was black. A geographer, she was in the Kuzbass region — Western Siberia's "Ruhr Valley" — early in December to attend a
One of Hobart's most vocal feminist activists is Kath Gelber. Kath has been involved with women's groups both on and off campus. She is also a member of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance. "For me, being a feminist means getting
Monica Harte is a tram driver and job delegate for the ATMOEA in Melbourne. She played a leading role during the 1989-90 tramways dispute and ran as an independent candidate in the Thomastown by-election in February 1990. Beginning in 1979, Monica
The following statement was released by the Sydney office of the African National Congress on February 24. Should South Africa be readmitted to the international sporting family? The ANC is of the opinion that sporting sanctions imposed against
By Debra Wirth I remember being at a Palm Sunday march in Perth in the early 1980s and coming across a group of very brightly clad women who were chanting and banging tambourines. As we were marching, a male cop on a motorbike came alongside and
By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — A world first for women is taking place in an electric purple office in the inner city suburb of Glebe. The Women's Economic Think Tank, or WETTANK, has been set up by a group of women with expertise in economics to
James Basle How can an organisation purporting to represent students fail to take a clear stand on a major issue of concern to students — and, indeed, to the whole country? Although the Gulf War was preceded by a five-month build-up, it
By Craig Cormick With the price of oil set to rise dramatically worldwide, coupled with current environmental concerns, it might be time for Australia to have a serious look at alternative fuels. Australia currently imports about 250,000
By Leon Harrison PERTH — The state government's plans for tourist development of Rottnest Island are meeting determined opposition from Aboriginal people are fighting to protect burial sites and to turn the old jail into a museum. From 1838
By Helen Jarvis While the world's attention was focussed on the carnage in the Middle East, on February 23 the Thai government was overthrown by the country's military forces. Many outside Thailand reacted with something of a yawn, saying
By Janine Prince and Philippa Stanford BRISBANE — Women on campus here are fighting to maintain services and rights that are under attack. The women's rights area at the University of Queensland is threatened by a student executive that has