Protesters set to mock corporate piracy


Anti-corporate activists will target the second day of the $US8000-a-head Forbes Global CEO Conference, calling for the needs of people and the planet to be put ahead of the interests of the billionaires.

The “Billionaire Pirates” will make an appearance, targeting the conference's theme of “Full Sail Ahead”, and demanding entry alongside their corporate pirate mates.

Protest organiser Paul Benedek from the Socialist Alliance said: “The Forbes conference program, which talks of ‘creative destruction’, and claims ‘a serious crisis should never go to waste’, and that 'recessions provide as many opportunities as they spell disasters', would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious.

“Yet these pirates are making big profits by exploiting millions of working people, and destroying the planet in the process.”

The Socialist Alliance is calling on all those who want to express their opposition to the corporate agenda and the pro-corporate NSW and Federal governments to protest at 9am on Wednesday September 29 outside the Four Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street (pirate costume optional!).